Juggling Grade 12

This is the big juggling year: Academics, college applications, choices and what seems like a race to the

This is the big juggling year: Academics, college applications, choices and what seems like a race to the finish line, AP, IB exams. Finalize the college search, writing applications, ask for those Letters of Recommendation (LOR), take pride in your work, keep your grades up all year, as colleges have been known to rescind acceptances based on dip in GPA.

  • Check credits for graduation, check your transcripts

  • Determine if you will apply:  Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision and understand what each means and their implications

  • Ask teachers to write those Letters of Recommendation and they understand when those letters need to be submitted

  • Continue to meet with college reps at school

  • Financial Aid: FAFSA: Begin the process on October 1

  • CSS Profile: If needing to fill out, begin when asked

  • Do not count on friends and relatives for accurate information (their information could be outdated, this information changes on a dime)

  • Ask counselors and your Independent Educational Consultant for accurate information

  • Discuss all selections for colleges with your parents and counselor

  • Finalize selections

  • Work on essays for the application

  • Retake SAT I, Subject Tests, ACT, watch for deadline dates (in the Fall)

  • Keep back up files of everything


  • Keep up your grades

  • Send midterm grades to schools

  • Study for AP/IB and Final Exams, complete all projects

  • Acceptances: Compare Financial Aid Awards for acceptances

  • College Acceptances: Accept by May 1: inform other colleges that you will be attending

  • Send deposits

  • Be sure counselor sends final grades/transcripts

  • Thank your teachers for recommendations, thank your college counselor for his/her recommendations, general thanks to all, particularly to your parents

  • If taken AP/IB exams, be sure to have scores in hand when arriving to school to see if you can accrue credits

  • Gap Year: If choosing to do a Gap Year, defer your acceptance in accordance to the university’s policy

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