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Every year at this time, many people are stumped about what to give their nieces, grandchildren, god children,

Every year at this time, many people are stumped about what to give their nieces, grandchildren, godchildren, dear friends for the holidays. If anyone out there is stumped, if anyone is in this situation, give a gift that has a huge return on investment – why not give the gift of an Independent Educational Consultant. 

What does an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC)/World Student Support do you ask? A lot. 

World Student Support works with families on a variety of school options, whether it be day, boarding, university options, specialized schools, or constructive time off (Gap Year). A number of IECs have a specialty in the therapeutic world for students who have issues with addiction, anxiety and severe psychological disorders. World Student Support will refer to the top therapeutic advisers in the industry. 

What is our background? 

Many of us come from an educational background (that is my background), some are from backgrounds in psychology, social work or some relatable educational knowledge base. IECs, for the most part hold Master’s Degrees (yes, for World Student Support) and have visited an enormous amount of programs of their specialty either in the states or around the world (which I have visited world wide). An excellent IEC belongs to an association like the Independent Education Consultants Association, Higher Education Consultants Association, National Association for College and  Admission Counseling, as well as the esteemed organization American Institute of Certified Educational Planners. I belong to all of these organizations and others related to the specialties I work with. 

Program Knowledge

World Student Support has extraordinary knowledge of campuses visited.  Spending at least 20% of time on the road visiting and evaluating campus climate of schools, universities and a variety of other programs (summer, Gap Year, tutorial options to name a few), allows for depth of knowledge of curriculum, climate of program and outcomes.  This way we can discuss at great length the types of programs available to your student. 


In the time of admissions scandals, IECs belonging to organizations listed above are highly ethical. We must sign off we will respect and honor ethical codes. Thus, there will be no scandals when working with an IEC. We make no promises, just make sure that we give you and your student a list of schools that will be a good match. We strive to reduce anxiety, assist students in a positive experience whether the student will be attending university, boarding school or a summer experience, Gap Year, or some specialized school. We work for families, not for a specific program. In other words, we do not take compensation from any program whatsoever. 

Keeping Current

World Student Support takes time to attend conferences, webinars, and as stated above, tour programs. It is important to stay current with students in mind. Participation on committees in order to keep our profession at the forefront, which World World Student Support 

How Do We Help? 

We assist families with a timeline, assist with crafting a list of schools/universities, help with the essay writing process, guide students with their academic choices in school to position themselves for optimal school choice, help with tutorial and test prep options, and much more. 

With all this in mind, knowing that families can receive one on one assistance for educational options in a collaborative manner, working with World Student Support is a good match for your family and an excellent return on investment (your time and money) and without a doubt, a wonderful gift for the holiday season and the upcoming New Year. 

World Student Support assists families around the world to find the right school for their unique situation. This is a very personalized approach.  World Student Support will assist with: 

  • University/College Placement in the US, Canada, U.K., Australia, American universities world wide
  • University/college placement for students with special circumstances from learning issues to chronic illness. In addition, WSS assists 
  • Families with boarding and day school for a variety of learners-gifted to students with learning issues
  •  Summer programs: specialty as well as recreational options. 
  • Families requiring help with international and domestic school relocation when moving 
  • Locating support services such as psychologists, neuropsychologists, ADHD coaches, tutors, and as stated above, referrals to consultants working with students who need therapeutic services

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