2020 Election

Back in the day, I arrived on campus with two large suitcases, a camp trunk of linens and

Our election is getting closer everyday, time is of the essence. The first time I voted  was my sophomore year at university and this was a most powerful moment.  Congress had recently lowered the age to 18 and I felt a responsibility to our country and indeed myself.  Despite the fact that my candidate did not win the election, my voice and vote were heard. I have never missed an election, ever, even while living abroad. I have always voted and if anyone has lived or visited a country where a ones’ political voice is not heard or suppressed, then you know how important and sacred our ability to vote is. 

Many students will be casting their votes for the first time away from home, many will be casting an absentee ballot, some might be casting a vote abroad.  Make sure you are registered.. Check the link below and make sure you are registered to cast your vote. 

Register to Vote

If you need an absentee ballot, check below for your absentee ballot: 

Absentee Ballot

Get a head start on returning your absentee ballot by double checking the postage and giving yourself enough wiggle room and days for the ballot to get to election headquarters. In the past, it took a week, in the present, it could take a little longer. 

Voting in Person

If you are voting in person:  Remember, those lines may be long and you should (hopefully) be socially distancing, and the process might take longer than usual. Sound advice is to wear comfortable shoes, bring a snack, hand sanitizer, water and of course, wear your mask. 

Living Abroad

If you are living abroad, below is a non partisan website that will assist you in getting your absentee ballot: 




Read this site with care and find out how to complete a ballot request: fvap.gov

For even further information, read this article from The New York Times: 

Are You an American Voting From Abroad? Here’s How to Do It

If you have to mail that ballot in from abroad, give it a lot of time, certainly more than a week and be sure the proper postage is affixed to the envelope. Though, the websites above will assist you with how to return your ballot. 

Everyone qualified to vote has a voice. Don’t lose that voice-register to vote whether you are in another state, living abroad, or living under your parent’s roof. Tell your friends and family members to vote, take anyone who needs a ride to the polls. And by all means, tell your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and everyone on the street to vote. Assist those who need to register. Our votes are important, they are the foundation of our democracy. 

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