While we look to Spring Break, we see the light at the end of the tunnel… meaning; the end of the school year is pretty much around the corner. Things have changed since my children were in school, and of course, even since way back when I was in school. There were fewer options for summer. We looked at camp, summer school and whatever was in the local vicinity. Today, there seems to be an explosion of options and sometimes that makes choice all the more difficult.

Common Application introduces the new prompts discussing the 2017-2018 Common Application prompts. The application won’t go live until August 2017, so plenty of time to stew and think about which essay suits you best. [...]

A Book Review: Buddy A Story for Dyslexia by Robin McEvoy Ph.d Illustrated by Tessa McEvoy learningmoxie.com 8/23/2016 Buddy is a colorful picture book about a family of birds – a mom and dad and their three children: Betty, Billy and Buddy. Betty and Billy sing nicely for their dinner, Buddy struggles with the ‘Birdy’ […]

The New Year is behind us, and so begins Gap Year Season! While seniors have put their college applications behind them, there may be a feeling of wow; the next step is almost here… am I ready for a heady academic experience quite yet? Or is there something else I would like to accomplish before […]

Seniors are wrapping up their university applications and hopefully are breathing a sigh of relief to have this massive task behind them. Choosing which university to attend is one of the biggest decisions a young adult will make, if not the biggest decision of their young life so far. So much research to determine what […]

What an exciting time for our juniors and seniors – the time of exploration and university application loom either in the distance or at hand. For juniors, it is a time of research and for seniors, the time is right now to complete the last bits of research if necessary. For juniors, this may be […]