World Student Support and Higher Education in the UK

This year was a banner year for World Student Support and students applying to the UK.

This year was a banner year for World Student Support and students applying to the UK. Generally speaking, the UK university is a three year degree (with the exception of Scotland which is a four year degree-our university platform is based on the Scottish system with obvious tweaks). This makes the entire degree a bit less expensive than a US degree in some cases by one year’s tuition. Also, some UK institutions will honor our FAFSA.  While some schools in the UK are on the Common Application, the University and Colleges Admissions Service, better known as UCAS ( is the anchor for all universities in the UK. Whether students in the United States use The Common Application or UCAS path, students apply to five schools only and the basis for acceptance is based on test scores, Personal Essay and teacher reference. Students do jump into their major right away rather than wait until later in their studies like here in the US. 

Thanks to The British Council,  US News and World Report reached out to discuss the differences between the US and UK application process and quoted a student I worked with who is currently studying at an arts university in the UK. See the link below for the entire article:

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