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Don’t Catch This Disease: Senioritis! 

While ‘Senioritis’ isn’t a communicable disease, and seniors don’t need to ‘mask up’, it is easy to catch.

While ‘Senioritis’ isn’t a communicable disease, and seniors don’t need to ‘mask up’, it is easy to catch. Many seniors have heard about their Early Decision/Action acceptances or may be waiting to hear about your Regular Decision acceptances.. It might be hard to study and focus on the ‘end game’ and the only thing you may be thinking about is graduation. But, if grades drop, this is what can happen: 

Remember, if there is a massive drop in grades, universities have the right to either place you on probation or withdraw you from the school. 

This would be a rough start all together, yes? 

Also, some students who are in the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) program think that now they are in a university, they don’t have to be as invested in exams outcome. Hold your horses. Again, if a student’s exams don’t match their IB grades, the university has the right to question the acceptance. While this isn’t the case for all schools, some schools just might question the outcome of the exams. Also, remember that most schools give generous university credit for respectable scores, so why wouldn’t a student want to do well? 

The same goes for Advanced Placement students. These students should continue to do well and receive some generous credit for university. 

So, how to prevent Senioritis/Senior burnout? 

Set some reasonable goals pertaining to academics. That may be to maintain a current GPA. Other goals may include more volunteer hours even if you have reached that goal, tutoring a younger student, etc. 

Make a ‘to do’ list- my next entry will give a list of what seniors need to do in order to leave their senior year and high school, set up your exam schedule, take a parent to dinner, hang out with your siblings, remember you are going to university, you won’t be around them much next year. 

Get into a study group for each of your courses, that may help keep you focused and your eye on the prize. One thing you might want to is update your resume so if you are job hunting for the summer you have a viable resume to give to a prospective employer. 

All of us ‘burn out’, and when that happens, we take a break. Some of us will go to the gym, take a walk, go to the movies. Don’t let the breaks lead to ‘slacking off’. Be proud of your accomplishments, reflect on all the good you have done. 

Of course, reward yourself for staying focused. And definitely stay healthy!

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