Grade 10: What Should You Be Thinking About?

It’s hard to think about next week, much less next year. Spring Break is probably what you are

It’s hard to think about next week, much less next year. Spring Break is probably what you are thinking about most at this point in time and who can blame you? If you think about it, you are almost halfway through your high school experience. How does that sound to you? Here are some things to think about. 

If necessary, think ahead and revise your four year plan. Make sure you are on track. If you have any notion about post secondary school abroad, be sure you have AP in mind as well an idea of when you want to take your other external testing (ACT/SAT), as these courses and tests will be paramount to any application path outside the US. In addition, if you choose  US schools that are test optional, you should think about taking the most challenging courses you are able to take. In addition: 

  • Be aware of your activities in or out of school
  • Start researching universities, attend college fairs and these are starting to be in person-hooray! Be aware that you might have to be masked if you do not have required vaccinations, or even if you do have required vaccinations, you still may have to wear a mask
  • You might want to start visiting campuses and if you have older siblings, travel with them. Some campuses have virtual tours and by all means, do those tours. Make reservations, as many schools now have clear limits on how many students and their families can tour at a time. In addition, be aware of rules and regulations required-despite the fact that many mask mandates have been dropped, so.e universities may still require you to wear masks on tours. 
  • Keep up with your summer reading
  • And remember, your grades are permanent on your record, even if you retake a course, the original grade will remain on record

Continue reflecting on our year as it progresses-what went well and celebrate the accomplishments. Where would you like to improve? Keep some of your outstanding assignments from each class in a portfolio (electronically or in a binder or both). Keep track of grades and transcripts. 

Make sure you are on track for graduation by going over a plan with your counselor and your consultant.

Have a plan for the summer that you will enjoy.

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