If It’s December, It Must Be Summer!?

I used to write this blog in January, but it seems that my inbox is filling up with

I used to write this blog in January, but it seems that my inbox is filling up with summer activities this month and actually, it started towards the end of last month as well. What is different about this year than the past, you can probably guess… There are more overseas options for summer than the past couple of summers for obvious reasons. 

Summer-what should students do with their summer vacation? If students need to make up classes, then their summers are determined for them. If their summer is free and open, then I say the sky’s the limit. 

First, while students feel like they have to build their ‘college/university’ profile, I feel that students first and foremost need to do what they love. As our world opens up, we still need to handle ourselves with care:  masked and vaxxed. There will be requirements with programs, so keep that in mind while searching for programs. 

International Options (Just ideas, there are more out there) 

Many programs are going to offer opportunities abroad. As a matter of fact, some of the Gap Year companies offer summer programs for students: : 

Abbey Road: Claims a ration of 1:6 offering cultural immersion programs in Spanish, French and Italian with themes running from art and art history , business and marketing, photography, etc. In addition, they have a scholarship program and serve in a variety of European locations: goabbeyroad.com. 

Oxford Scholastica: This program will offer a variety of academic programs and possible internship opportunities. 

Bucksmore Education:  Offers short courses in the UK, in Oxford and Cambridge.

Go Overseas: Last year, Go Overseas offered internships and studied abroad options as well. 

Where There Be Dragons:  Offers a variety of options for students hoping to travel domestically as well as abroad. 

Domestic (US)

Every boarding school in the US offers summer options from test prep to enrichment, to ESL to assistance with students who need academic prep. 

Summer Camp:  I am a strong believer in summer camp. It fosters independence, leadership skills,  the ability to learn new skills, ability to live with others, as one needs when attending university and the list goes on. Take it from me-I attended camp for years and I can tell you that all my campmates will attest to camp making them successful in college and beyond. 

College Campuses:  Pre-college academic programs: Just about every college campus has a program for high school students. Whether it fosters ease in acceptance to the specific campus-well, that is another story. These programs range from theatre arts, STEM, debate, pre med. Some of these programs are competitive, some have a recreational aspect to them. 

Work:  This is always good-whether it is becoming a server in a restaurant, childcare, petsitter, your own creation. 

Virtual:  There will always be virtual options, I believe the virtual world is here to stay. 

Remember, summer is about you. Summers don’t have to be about those massively expensive options. Summer is about you and what makes you happy. 

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