Finish line cheering

Rising 10th Grade Students!

Spring Break is here and you probably have your eye on the end of the year.

Spring Break is here and you probably have your eye on the end of the year. Who wouldn’t? Your time in Grade 9 is coming to an end. Congratulations to you! Here are a few things to think about as you think about your 10th grade year. 

If necessary, revise your four year plan or make sure you are staying on track. Weigh your options for community service, summer plans, extra curricular activities. Now might be a good time to introduce yourself at a basic level to university/college and Gap Year possibilities


  • Remember: grades are permanent on your record
  • Participate in extracurricular activities in or out of school, remember to add those on to your activities list. See how a leadership role feels
  • Take the most challenging classes available to you
  • Now may be a time to research colleges, go to a college fair to set some academic goals for yourself
  • Think about the summer: does a study program sound appealing to you, what about work experience, community service? Whatever it is, be sure it is something you enjoy
  • Testing: You will probably take the PSAT in your first semester. Registration will take place in September 
  • If you register for any AP courses, your school will let you know how to register for those exams
  • You might want to visit some college campuses, if you have the opportunity to go on college visits with an older sibling, do it (in the time of COVID, visits have changed and we can no longer ‘drop in’)
  • Keep up with summer reading


Reflect on your year while it progresses… What went well, what would you like to do next year? Keep some of your outstanding assignments from each class in a portfolio (electronic or in a binder or both). Keep track of grades and transcripts, make sure you are on track for graduation