Congratulations to the 8th Grade Class of 2017 who are about to step foot into high school. Just think, in less than four years, you will be filling out those university applications.

You are now a rising 9th grader! Here are some things you may want to be thinking about:

    • Research your curriculum path: International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), Project Based Learning, Honors coursework and the best path to these options. Find out what it takes to get into the courses you wish to take.


    • Research your 9th grade course options, though these may be spelled out for you based on what your high school requires and how you finished up your eighth grade year.


    • Map a four-year plan, even though this plan may change as the years go on.


    • Understand your state graduation requirements; knowing that perhaps state graduation requirements might differ from certain university requirements in order to gain entrance to certain university (you may need to take more course work).


    • Understand that even though you may be accelerated in certain subjects in middle school, those courses may not count on your high school transcript. For example, if you are taking high school geometry in middle school, that course may still be considered a middle school course, even though it is a high school level class. You might just start at Algebra II in Grade 9 and that will be the beginning of your high school math career. The same goes for foreign language. If you took Spanish in middle school and place in Spanish II in Grade 9, then you will launch your high school credits at Spanish II.


    • Think about your extra curricular path how you might want to spend summers-perhaps volunteering, working, camp, focus on a passion or an international summer experience-make sure it is something you want to do.


    • Though university appears away, it is closer than you think. Maybe you want to think about a Gap Year (see my Gap Year Blog).


    • When you get to high school, check out the counseling department. Remember, the counselors are there for you. If you have questions, drop by and see your designated counselor. If you have questions about a college bound path, don’t be shy, ask a counselor and of course, contact World Student Support.


    • Discuss your goals with your parents, and perhaps have a discussion about college finances.


  • Remember, grades are permanent on your record.



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