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Senioritis: ‘tis the season (you don’t want to be a part of)

This is the time of year where your acceptances and accomplishments are noted and dreaming of your future

Dear Seniors: 

This is the time of year where your acceptances and accomplishments are noted and dreaming of your future might take over your life and who can blame you? You really need to know the symptoms. 

  • Are you spending time staring out the window and daydreaming about the future? 
  • Are you burnt out about homework? 
  • Are you forgetful? 

In other words, motivation may be ebbing, waning. 

Senioritis can be a serious problem. And as I write this a bit ‘tongue in cheek’, I want to remind seniors that this can be contagious depending on how influential your friends are. They may want to tell you that you are in university, not to worry, grades don’t count. Unfortunately, they do count. Here is what can happen if you have a serious drop in grades: the university you committed to can do one of two things- they can ‘uninvite you’ or place you on probation

Both of which are not good options. 

How to fight Senioritis: 

Know that you have it and own it.

If you are taking AP courses, of course, you want to focus on those courses because you just might receive credit if your exams are high enough. So those stakes are high. Staying focused will be important. 

Also, if you are planning on a university overseas, then the AP or IB exams are of paramount importance because the outcome of these exams  is what your acceptance is based on.

Structure your day-do some volunteer work, get a job, become a school ambassador, go to your school counselor-see if there is something you can do at the school. Don’t let your friends influence you.

Most of all, enjoy your senior year, it only comes around once. Unlike previous Covid years, you will have in person celebrations and more normalcy this year. We are learning that it is a privilege to meet in person. Know that you need to say your goodbyes and thank yous to those who helped you through your high school years. Thank you to those who wrote those fabulous letters of recommendations, teachers who went those extra miles for you. Closure is important. 

There is an entire ‘to do’ list to end your senior year and start your university experience-keep your eye on the ‘prize’. Make your senior year memorable and one that when you go to your 5th or 10th year reunion, it will be one that you look forward to because you completed your senior year with extraordinary pride. 

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