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While we look to Spring Break, we see the light at the end of the tunnel… meaning; the

While we look to Spring Break, we see the light at the end of the tunnel… meaning; the end of the school year is pretty much around the corner. Things have changed since my children were in school, and of course, even since way back when I was in school. There were fewer options for summer. We looked at camp, summer school and whatever was in the local vicinity.  Today, there seems to be an explosion of options and sometimes that makes choice all the more difficult.

While some students already have plans in place, it is not too late, though you may have to search a little harder. Options include what is happening on university campuses, boarding schools, summer camps, abroad and of course, what is happening locally in your area.  Below is a sampling of offerings around the country and the world.


University Campuses

It seems that every university campus now hosts summer programs of some sort for either an extended period or short term. Each campus might specialize in one thing, or perhaps contract out services to a company. For example, Summer Discovery is a high school pre-college enrichment program taking place on a variety of campuses not only in the US, but around the world as well. They offer many types of courses from business, screen writing, STEM, engineering, study abroad, and many more. These courses are enrichment and enhance a student’s life and perhaps the purpose is to test the waters to see if this is an area of study a student wishes to pursue.

Check out the Summer Discovery website for more information.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University in Evanston, IL offers several courses to students taught by their faculty from Medill- Northwestern Journalism Institute for five weeks (debate, speech, journalism, film and video production, theatre arts), as well as other courses from other divisions, including an English Language Competency course offered by Education USA for international students.

Learn more about Northwestern High School Programs here.

**This is one program that probably fills up early and there are specific requirements for each of their programs and the earlier the better (probably before Winter Holidays), so maybe keep it on the back burner if it is of interest.

American University

American University offers intriguing courses taught by faculty with the surrounding DC area used as a lab and classroom. AU offers communications, international service, summer institute for business and entertainment or business sport.

Check out AU college for high school students programs here.


Boarding Schools

Just about every boarding school in the United States offers a summer program that is enticing to students. This can be for international students needing to improve their English language skills, specialized focused on specific areas from technology, the arts or even the outdoors.

Summer Camp

Going to summer camp is an enriching experience. It allows children and teens to become independent, self reliant, learn about leadership, live a healthy life and understand community living and collaboration. There are camps for about every specialty out there- drama, outdoors, arts, special needs. The American Camp Association (ACA) is the ‘go to’ organization, and camps with this accreditation meet health and safety standards in order to maintain membership.

Visit the ACA website and start a search.


Abroad Options

There are many reasons to go abroad and see the world, and if old enough or if the program is suitable then it is worth the research and look. There are a few programs in the UK that offer summer programs.

In the heart of London:

King’s College

King’s College in London offers a program for high school students who wish to have a taste of London for two weeks along with an intensive academic experience in a specific area such as: Business Management, Medicine, Law, Politics and Psychology.

Visit their website to learn more here.

Imperial College

Imperial College is another intensive two week program that allows students take academic course work focusing on science, engineering, medicine and business. In addition, students will have an opportunity to explore London.

Explore more about Imperial College programs here.

Where There Be Dragons

Where There Be Dragons is one of the industry standards in global travels for students in both Gap Year and summer travel. Based in Boulder Colorado, ‘Dragons’ offers trips for students from ages 15-19 opportunities to be immersed in local culture, learn language and exploration. Places to travel may include: India, China, South East Asia, South America just to mention a few.

Check out their programs here.

For more ideas visit the American Gap Association (AGA) website.

Just Stay Home

There is nothing wrong with staying home. There are a variety of options in your home community. One can look at the school district, recreational district, even the private schools in the area may have summer programs or enrichment. In addition, there may be some options for local internships as well. Finally, it does not hurt to get a job or even start one’s own little company. Dog walking, babysitting, working at a camp, even as a server in a restaurant; all of this is more than acceptable.

This is just a ‘taster’ of what is out there for summer activities. It can cost a lot of money, or hardly any at all, or students can actually make money. The important thing is to have a goal and outcome.


Contact World Student Support if you need any advise on summer activities.






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