Testing Time: The SAT and ACT

It is that time again to start registering for SATs and Acts. For those students who wish to

It is that time again to start registering for SATs and Acts. For those students who wish to take the first tests of the year, the time is now to register before late registration fees kick in. Be sure to check the websites of each of these testing centers:

College Board for the SATs

As a visual reminder for the current tests:

The first SAT is October 3; students need to register by September 4
The second sitting is November 7, with a registration date by October 9.

See the website for the rest of the testing schedule. Seniors need to have their tests taken sooner than later, November at the latest, optimally, October. Discuss this with your consultant and counselor.

Note that the the new SAT will be implemented March 5 2016.

Be aware, the SAT is offered approximately seven times a year in the US, six times internationally. International students need to look carefully to see where their test centers will be. Check the website for details, or your consultant or counselor for necessary details. https://sat.collegeboard.org/register

Subject Tests: Taken right from the website, be aware of these rules and regulations:

Subject Tests
As stated, From the College Board’s Website Regarding SAT II Subject Tests
Important Information About SAT Subject Tests:

1. You may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on a single test date.
2. The Language with Listening tests are always given in the first hour of testing. Only one listening test can be taken per test date.
3. Calculators may be used only on the Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 Subject Tests.
4. You cannot take the SAT Subject Tests and the SAT on the same test date.
5. You must indicate which SAT Subject Tests you plan to take when you register.
However, you may change which test(s) you actually take on test day — except for Language with Listening tests.
6. Only one Biology test can be taken per test date. After the first 60 questions, you must choose either Biology – Ecological or Biology – Molecular; you cannot take both.

Again, it is very important to check with the SAT website for important information regarding testing. It is also important to check with universities you have interest in to see what they wish for you to have as far their requirements.

Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities will have another hoop to jump through. You will have to submit appropriate paper work prior to registration to be eligible for accommodations. This could take up to seven weeks. Start early for approval. Visit the SSD website so you can understand the process. While your consultant can assist you through the process, it is the school that must sign off on the paperwork.


The first date for the ACT is September 12. The registration deadline is coming up FAST… August 7th, with a late fee for registration between August 8-21. The second test date is October 24, registration starts September 18th. Again, for seniors, the sooner you take the test, the better. For all testing dates, see the schedule on the ACT website:

International students often have fewer options for test sites, therefore, these students need to look carefully at their test site options.

Students with Disabilities

As with the SAT, students with disabilities need to pay attention to a few things, particularly deadline dates, enough lead time for documentation to get to the office before registering for the ACT exam. The information can be found on the ACT website at: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/disab/ and: http://www.act.org/aap/pdf/ACT-Policy-for-Documentation.pdf – this will tell all students with disabilities the documentation necessary for submission.

Test Prep

There are a many test prep options. Contact World Student Support for your best options.