Voting is a Privilege and Teens Should Vote, No Matter Where They are Living

Voting is a privilege in the USA and we all know that it is what makes our country

Voting is a privilege in the USA and we all know that it is what makes our country a true democracy. I remember while I was at university, my parents had a ‘sit down’ with me, as the voting age had just changed from 21 to 18, and I was about to vote in my first presidential election. While 18 was not considered adulthood at the time, we had, as teens, earned the right to vote. It was a momentous day indeed. I remember clearly casting my vote. I felt great and empowered despite the fact that my candidate did not win.

Fast forward many years while living abroad and voting changed from the school gymnasiums in the neighborhood to absentee mail in ballots from foreign countries. Still feeling empowered, I knew my ballot counted, and perhaps was more important than ever, despite people saying that -oh your ballot will only count if there is only a tie. That is so not true. Every ballot counts. This is not an editorial blog on why it is important to vote, this is a blog on why your student, who may be abroad, who may be attending an international school and turning 18 before November 6, who may be at university in the states, or who may be on a Gap Year needs to vote. This article from the New York Times will assist with the process. Empower your student. It is an important time in life to know that we live in a Democracy and we can have our say. Empower your teen, have your teen vote, it is more important than ever for them to contribute their say. While it seems like a small gesture, it is a monumental statement in many ways.

Please read this article: How to Vote as an American Living Abroad from The New York Times and follow any instructions necessary to register. If it takes time and effort, so be it. Just vote. It is your voice, it matters, it is paramount and it could not be more important for our democracy.

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